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Our preschool is located on the campus of Mission Hills Church in San Marcos, CA.

The goal of Mission Hills Church Preschool is to create an environment that is safe, clean, provides good learning and is fun for your child.  We also put value into ministering to families in our church and community.

Our preschool is a ministry of Mission Hills Church.  We are a faith based preschool that believes in the Bible and incorporates those teachings into an age appropriate, academic curriculum for each child.  If you have any questions about our church or preschool please feel free to contact us.

Mission Hills Church Preschool accepts application for enrollment throughout the year. If interested please print a registration packet by clicking "Registration" in the menu at the top of this page or stop by the Connection Center on Sunday morning, or visit our church or preschool offices or contact Lupe Stott.

**Tours of the preschool are by appointment only, please contact Lupe Stott through the phone number or email listed below to schedule your tour. **

Email: preschool@missionhillschurch.org

Phone: 760-759-2164

We are now accepting enrollments for the school year 2016-2017.  We offer half day and full day program.  Our school is open year round with the exception of one week in August that we close for staff prepping and training before the new school year and one week during the Christmas/New Year Holidays.

3’s Panda Classroom

This class is for children who will be turning 3 between Aug. 2015 and March 2016

Children must be 2years, 9 months old when they enter preschool.  

The Panda class is designed for children who are potty trained and meets the required age of 2 years, 9 months old.  Our primary focus in this class is to promote the social-emotional development of the child.  While in class, the children will have ample opportunities to work on fine-motor building by using playdough, flubber and many toys and teaching utensils designed to strengthen their writing grip.  Our program also covers introduction to the Alphabet, shapes, colors and math concept appropriate for this age group. By the end of the school year our goal is for our children to be social-emotionally secured and independent.  Ratio in this class is 15 students to two teachers.


Older 3’s Koala Classroom

This class is for children who turned 3 between March and July 2016.

The older 3’s class is a class for the 3 years, 6 month old children.  In this class children will explore their environment and learn while they play.  Our attention is focus on developing the social/emotion, fine and gross motor skills, and academics appropriate for this age group.  We are proud on how our koala students go into our Pre-kindergarten classes with a great foundation ready to add to what they already have learned.  Ratio in this class is 15 students to two teachers.

Young 4’s Kangaroo Classroom

The Young 4’s is designed for children who are turning four years of age in the fall and early spring between September and February of the school year.

Our focus for this class is to promote fine motor, foster social development skills and teach creative curriculum to challenge our young fours.  We use many different hands-on tools for children to experience science, math, and language concepts.  In this class children learn to further their knowledge of letters and numbers.  By the end of the school year our goal for this group of children is to have built a strong writing grip, developed social skills and be ready to be challenged in pre-kindergarten classes or Jr. kindergarten class. 


Pre-Kindergarten Giraffes and Zebra Classrooms

Our Pre-kindergarten program is designed for children who will be turning four by September 1st.  Our kindergarten readiness program helps children learn through hand-on materials.  This program covers social, emotional plus academic development to ready our students for kindergarten. 


Jr. Kindergarten, Kangaroo Classroom

Children who enter our Junior Kindergarten, (Transitional Kindergarten) have had Pre-kindergarten experience and are ready for a more challenging curriculum.  This class in not intended to replace Kindergarten but to enhance the academic learning and provide an extra year of developing and maturing.

 If you need more information please contact our preschool Director, Lupe Stott at 760 759 2164 or email lstott@missionhillschurch.org

Mission Hills Church Sunday Service Times 

8:00, 9:30, and 11 a.m.
(Children’s Programs – birth thru 5th grade available at 9:30 and 11 a.m.)

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Mission Hills Church Preschool
400 Mission Hills Court
San Marcos, CA 92069

Phone: 760-759-2164
Fax: 760-759-2244

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